Factory Donuts is more than just a business of making great-tasting donuts and coffee. It’s a culture. At Factory Donuts you will be part of a family; whether it’s as an employee or as a franchise partner. The founders' background and their beliefs for a well-operated, highly efficient, and value-oriented business strategy make Factory Donuts a stand-out business model that others strive to be. The business model at Factory Donuts is about simplicity and efficiency. Donuts are a billion-dollar industry and growing. The idea of a fresh, made-to-order donut along with premium coffee drinks is a segment that Factory Donuts will fill. Becoming a franchisee in any industry can be extremely overwhelming. When the founders of Factory Donuts developed their concept, they understood from their previous franchising background what needed to be done in order to give their franchise partners the support and structure that was most important to help each individual grow their business. Having been franchisees in multiple brands and understanding the needs from both sides gives Factory Donuts franchise partners an edge in today’s business industry. The founders' vision, passion, experience, and knowledge are key attributes that give franchise partners a reason to be part of the Factory Donuts family.